Strategic Assessment Ideal Delivery

  1. SWOT analysis

    Review the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats as well as the market trends. This will be followed by meeting the threats with the weaknesses and the opportunities with the strengths to gain the needed insights into the market and recommend the alternative objectives.

  2. Marketing function Audit

    Review the marketing function and its elements to identify the suitability of the internal marketing recourses and capabilities to direct the objective development and the future plans

  3. Strategic management system

    Review the company’s mission, vision, objectives, grand strategies, its SWOT analysis and its strategic implementation and control systems

  4. General management

    Review the organizational structure, policy manual, management information system, management communication, decision making style and the management control system.

  5. Marketing system

    Review the marketing strategy, marketing and sales organization, portfolio of products, the pricing policy, channel analysis, sales promotion activities, marketing communication, sales force activities, the after sales services, the marketing information systems, and e-marketing activities and the purchasing and suppliers’ relations and policies.

  6. Human resources management system

    Review the manpower planning system and labor structure, the industrial relations, the recruitment, selection and placement policies, the compensation policy, the performance appraisal system, the motivation and leadership as well as the training and development policies.

  7. Logistics and supply chain management

    Review transportation and handling policies, the inventory and warehousing control systems.

  8. Accounting and finance

    Review the capital structure, the cost of capital, the capital budgeting decisions, the portfolio management, the profitability, the liquidity, the cash management and the working capital management as well as the financial controls system.

  9. Strategic recommendation

    Based on the SWOT analysis and the marketing audit and with a view toward attaining the identified objectives the study will develop alternative marketing growth strategies, which suites the strategic competitive position of the company, from the intensive growth, integrative growth or diversified growth strategic alternatives.

  10. The Developing project Plan

    Based on the Previous Results, a priorities based plan will be recommended for the developing