How can our experts help making it happen?

Aiming to facilitate healthier growth for the firm, we will facilitate deployment of the following CI protocol that will enable a powerful engagement of middle management  in identifying, investigating  and reporting different opportunities.

Collaborative Innovation Protocol (CI Protocol)

According to the CI protocol different opportunities will be identified (opportunities such as opening new branch for the firm; launching new product; or deploying of new material in the production of the current products). Different opportunities will be collected from across the organisation, and organised in a central location.  

Selected individuals from each department will be trained on how to investigate opportunities relevant to their department. Each individual on his own will be able to develop a business case for the opportunity that includes:

  1. Collecting information from available sources.

  2. Consulting the ‘right’ colleagues from other department to prepare a complete picture about practical possibilities and possible challenges.

  3. Communicating the business case in a clear manner that will give realistic idea about the possible positive and negative consequences of opportunity exploitation.


Our Advisory Team Support

Our entrepreneurship expert team will be facilitating the development and the deployment of such protocol by performing the following activities:

  1. Developing a simple -yet sufficient- business case investigation tool that will assure the coverage of important business aspects including, market, technical, and financial aspects. 

  2. Screening and training nominated individuals in the firm from different department (production, sales, finance ….etc.), To assure their ability to follow the CI protocol and perform a sound business investigation on their own. 

  3. Plan and supervise the deployment of knowledge management system (for example a simple collaboration internet) that will enable the employees to collaborate and share business cases. Such accumulation of knowledge of all approved and rejected business cases will create a wealth of knowledge that will enhance further investigations. Therefore when the firm loose the one skilful individual, it will not loose the knowledge generated by hem/her. And when fresh employee join the firm, he/she can make use of the heritage of company knowledge.