Help Entrepreneurs make use of every opportunity for growth

Active entrepreneurs experience a challenging paradox. On one hand entrepreneurs are skilled to identify so many tempting business opportunities that can be life changing for their firm, and on the other hand they have too little time and resources to carefully examine such opportunities without affecting daily operations. 

Adding to this complexity that delegation is not so much of an option in growing businesses because of:

  1. Lack of research and planning experiences specially in the middle management level.  

  2. Lack of formal information that enable objective measures of business idea evaluation.

  3. Lack of standard tool for evaluating business ideas, hence there are no assurance that investigation will consistently cover all important aspects (financial, market and technical….etc).

Such inefficiency of business investigation practices in the firm give the entrepreneur  very limited options dealing with new business opportunities.

  1. Disregarding most of the opportunity to save time.

  2. Sacrificing precious time of the management team’s that can barely meet the current operation demands, and allocating it to study and plan few selected opportunities.

  3. Following his intuition in judging business opportunities without examining opportunities throughly.