Behavioral Criteria

  1. Firms need to be fast growing. Fast growing firms need to show at least twenty percent growth rate in sales value for at least three consecutive years.

  2. Firm growth need to be opportunity driven rather than demand driven. At least for significant part of the firm’s life.

  3. The existence of different exploration and exploitation initiatives throughout the life of the firm.

  4. At least five opportunities implementation attempts. Opportunities will be limited exclusively to the five forms of Schumpeterian opportunities.

  5. It  is even more interesting if the firm have experienced ultimate plateau, where it stopped pursuing new opportunities, and growth is exclusively demand driven.

Who should Participate?

The sample will consist of selected Egyptian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). SMEs will be defined according to the following definitions: 

Target Firms Attributes

Behavioral Criteria

Target Firms Attributes

  1. Single entrepreneur firm. (Where the founder is the dominant player over firm decisions).

  2. Long established, at least five years old (and maximum of 10 years).

  3. Firm should be operating in consumer goods industry.